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Holistic Treatment FAQs

1) What is reflexology?

This is a holistic treatment working to balance the mind, body and spirit, we work on the feet and locate energy pathways with crystals helping us to locate any blockage. The treatment is extremely relaxing and can re-balance your wellbeing. Excellent to help with stress, sleep problems, headaches and many other ailments.

2) How long is the treatment, how often can I have them?

The treatment is 45 minutes/1-hour and you can have them once a week if it is needed. For well-being and  maintenance we recommend one a month.

3) What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is either a 30-minute back treatment or full body treatment. The stones are basalt, volcanic, natural stones and we begin the treatment with the placement of hot stones on balancing zones on the body. During a full body massage we start on the feet, moving to the back and back of the legs. You will then be turned over and we massage whilst holding the stones over the front of the legs, arms, tummy and if requested, face and neck. This is a deep relaxing treatment, harnessing the heat from the stones to produce a deep relaxing massage.

4) Rose retreat, what is it?

This is a wonderful treatment using rose oil. It is known for healing, soothing and relaxing properties – excellent for women. You will have a full body exfoliation, whilst lying on a heated blanket and a room filled with rose aroma. The massage follows using the beautiful rose oil. This is a gentle massage giving amazing results.

5) What clothing do I have to remove?

Your privacy is respected at all times. We would ask if you remove outer clothing and leave lower underwear on. Towels are placed on the beauty couch for you to cover yourself before the therapist comes back into the room. Only the area we massage is ever exposed.

6) Will I feel sore after a massage?

If you ask for a deep massage and there is tension in an area, you may feel it has been worked on for 24 hours, after this time it should ease the tension and will feel so much better.

7) Do you do pregnancy massage?

Yes, we do, not for the first trimester or if you are having pregnancy health issues, we may require a medical letter.

8) Hopi candles, what are they, and what do they do?

Hopi candles are used to help with sinus congestion, headaches, vertigo, blocked ears from wax build up. They act as a chimney effect and release and soften compact wax.

9) Can I have reflexology if I am pregnant?

We would not treat in the first trimester and would require a Doctor/Midwife letter prior to treatment.