Beauty Spot

Make-up FAQs

Lesson – £33
Application – £30

1) Why doesn’t the foundation have an SPF?

Foundations with an SPF create a ghostface flashback if a flash is used when taking a picture. So taking away the SPF will prevent this from happening.

2) Why is there only one type of foundation?

This foundation will suit all and is extremely versatile, if you have dry skin you are able to mix the foundation with your daily moisturiser to give an all-day hydration without the foundation sinking into creases or dry patches.

3) I want a natural make up application, is this possible with HD make up?

Yes, blending the foundation with a moisturiser will create a tinted moisturiser so it isn’t a full thick coverage. The products can be toned down by not applying as much to create a natural look. By choosing lighter or more neutral colours will also help achieve this look.

4) I want a full dramatic look, can this be achieved?

Of course, HD is great for any look as it can do from everyday natural to evening dramatic. This is done by layering, with a dramatic look we can layer the foundation to the thickness and coverage required the same applies for any of the products.

5) I have an event in the evening can I get my makeup done in the morning?

Yes, we will use a finishing/setting powder, we would also recommend using a setting spray and topping up lipstick/gloss throughout the day.

6) Can I buy the products once I’ve had the make-up applied?

Of course, any products we use will be available to purchase.

7) Do you do strip eyelashes?

Yes, there is an extra charge on top. We will apply those lashes for you, however please let us know as we will need extra time.

8) Can I reuse the lashes?

Yes, the lashes can be reused.

9) Why is there only one finishing powder, and why is it white?

The finishing powder is for all skin types and skin tones. It is translucent so will not change the colour of the skin or foundation but will set the makeup.

10) Are the HD products cruelty free?

See comment below:
We (High Definition Brows Limited) do not perform animal testing on any of our product formulations or individual ingredients, either directly or indirectly. All ingredients are carefully monitored; suppliers are required to confirm that the ingredients they are contracted to supply have not been tested on animals. Any materials which do not comply with these requirements will not be used in our products.