Beauty Spot


1) Is the treatment safe?

Completely. It is used by some of the world’s top athletes for treating muscle and soft tissue injuries. There is no danger of harming a muscle.

2) If I start a treatment and then stop it, will my face get worse?

The face will never be WORSE; gradually it will return to how it was prior to treatment. It is worth mentioning that clients are usually so happy with the treatment that they generally return for maintenance.

3) Is it painful?

Not only is the procedure painless, most clients fall asleep during the treatment because they find it so relaxing.

4) Are there any side effects?

Apart from the fact clients are so pleased with the results that they become addicted to the treatment, there are no known side effects.

5) How many treatments will I need and at what duration?

Courses vary depending on age and muscle tone. It can be anything from 10-20 treatments and the courses are tailor made to suit each client’s needs. It is not possible to give any sort of precise estimate to a client over the telephone without seeing them first. The ideal duration for a course is 2-3 treatments for the first few weeks, graduating to one week as the hold maximises.

6) Are there any individuals not suited for the treatment?

For the most part, contraindications are the same for the CACI as they are for traditional electrotherapy treatments; pacemaker, epilepsy, pregnancy, skin disease or disorder, metal pins or plates in the immediate area or recent scar tissue. All clients are requested to fill in a medical questionnaire prior to treatment. Remember to always reassure your client that the procedure is safe.