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Ear Piercing FAQ's

1) How long do I need to keep my earrings in for?

Six weeks minimum and we then recommend you use ‘post ear piercing earrings’ for a further 6-8 weeks. We also suggest not leaving your earrings out for longer than 24 hours within the first six months to prevent the holes from closing.

2) How much does ear piercing cost?

*£22, whether it’s one or two lobes. This includes the earrings of your choice.

Cleansing solution is priced at £6.

*Prices are correct as of March 2018

3) How long does the piercing take?

The actual piercing only takes around five minutes however some people can be understandably nervous during the piercing, so we do like to talk customers through the process to make sure they are comfortable. This means the whole visit should take no longer than half an hour.

4) What do I need to do after getting my ears pierced?

Looking after your piercings is very important to ensure that you avoid infection. After your ears have been pierced it is very important that you minimise the risk of infection by regular use of our aftercare solution. Do not play with the earrings, only turn 180 degrees left and right once you have cleansed with the solution. You will receive more information about caring for your piercing on the day.

5) What age do you start piercing from?

We start piercing from the age of 8 and above. If you are Under 18 you will need an adult to accompany you who can sign and give consent.

6) Does it hurt?

It is a very quick process and will feel like an elastic band pinging on the skin however this will surpass quickly leaving a warm sensation on the lobe. We will ensure to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

7) Do you do cartilage piercings?

No, we only pierce the lobes.

8) Can I just have one lobe pierced?

Of course, however it is the same price with one or two.

9) Can I have more the one piercing on one lobe?

Yes, however we will only pierce the lobe which usually fits a maximum of 3 piercings in a row.

10) Can I go swimming as soon as I’ve had them pierced?

Yes after 24 hours, however we strongly recommend the use of our aftercare solution after any form of exercise or swimming to prevent an infection.

11) Can I take them out for a P.E lesson or exercise class?

We encourage not to, we would recommend that you place micro-Pore tape over the earrings.

12) What shall I do if I’m worried about my piercing?

Immediately after your piercing it is normal for the area to feel hot and a bit sore. However, if after 24 hours the area is swollen, really painful, releasing any kind of fluid or lots of redness please seek medical advice without removing the earring.