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Nail Care FAQs

1) Will gel damage my nails?

No, as long as they are removed properly. Book in for a gel removal for best results.

2) Do I need to give my nails a break from gels “to breathe”?

No, they do not breathe but you should nourish the new nail growth by applying Phenomen Oil daily to the cuticles.

3) Do I need to match my colour on fingers and toes?

No, it’s a personal choice. Some people prefer to match, others choose colours of the same tone or completely clash!

4) Why are my nails ridged?

Several reasons including medication, diet or injury/trauma to the nail. Unfortunately, it can just happen as you get older.

5) Why do my nails peels at the tips?

Usually this happens due to damage to the nail, if you use them as tools or constantly have them in water, this can dry the nails. Picking off nail varnish or extensions will also damage the layers of the nail.

6) What’s the difference between normal polish and gel polish?

The gel polish is cured under a LED lamp which bonds and hardens the polish. It is bonded to the nail plate so will stay for much longer (at least two weeks) and will be instantly dry and the end of the treatment. It does however need to be removed correctly. You will need to book in for a gel removal or gel removal upgrade.

7) What’s the difference between the gel removal and upgrade?

Gel removal will involve soaking off the gel polish but if you upgrade, we will also cut and file the nails, apply a base coat to protect the nails and Phenomen Oil to nourish the cuticles.

8) How can I stop my nails breaking all the time?

Look after them! Keep them short whilst you improve the condition with Phenomen cuticle oil and a treatment base coat or have regular gel polish applied to strengthen them. This must be removed correctly so not to cause more damage.

9) How often should I apply Phenomen (or Cuticle Oil)?

Daily – preferably at night so it can soak in whilst your hands are inactive and your cells are regenerating.

10) Why do my cuticles grow so much?

Your cuticles grow to protect the nail from bacteria. It is important to keep them tidy and clean. They should be softened before removed to avoid damage.

11) Why have my nails turned yellow?

This is generally due to staining from nail polish. Applying a good base coat before colour will prevent this.

12) Does the cold weather affect my nails?

Yes, they will grow slower in the winter due to slower circulation in the body. Also, they will need more nourishing as they will take the brunt of the cold, even if you wear gloves, which can dry them and your skin.

13) Why do I have white spots on my nails?

These white spots are caused by trauma to the nail including bumps and knocks which you may not even realise have happened. It is not due to calcium deficiency.

14) Why has my polish (gel) not lasted two weeks?

Could be several reasons; if the nails are prone to peeling this may cause the gel to lift. Using hand creams/products that contain minerals will cause lifting. Lastly, being too rough with your nails can damage the polish. Although the gel polish is tougher, it still needs to be looked after.

15) Do I need to use hand cream?

Looking after your hands will improve the condition of your skin and nails. Cuticle oil such as Phenomen oil is great to nourish the nail in particular though so it depends on what you want to achieve.

16) Do all base coats do the same job?

No, Jessica do a range of base coats to treat specific nail conditions e.g. dry, brittle, peeling, ridged.