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Facials FAQs

1) What are the differences between a 30 and 60-minute facial?

Hot towels and pressure points on feet and neck, deep tissue massage over and around the shoulders, back, décolleté, neck and face. But this varies with different facials.

2) What is included in a 30-minute facial?

Skin analysis, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, tones, digitopressure massage, mask, hand and arm massage, tone, serum and cream to finish.

3) What is included in a 60-minute facial?

Skin analysis, relaxing prelude (oil and hot towels on feet and neck), cleanse, tone, exfoliate, tone, digit pressure massage, deep tissue massage, mask, hand and arm massage, tone, serum and creams, oil to finish.

4) How often should I have a facial?

Once a month.

5) Do your facials include steam?

No, Darphin believe it traumatises the capillaries. Only one facial for congested skin types.

6) What is steam used for?

Opening pores ready for extraction.

7) What routine should I use at home?

Cleanse, tone, serum and cream. Just exfoliate 1-2 times per week and use mask once a week. An oil would also be beneficial.

8) What is the most important part of a skincare routine?

Having a good one you use every day!

9) What is the best way to deal with sensitive skin?

Our intral range, with chamomile and hawthawn.

10) Should I use a mask at home?

Yes, once a week is good.

11) How often should I exfoliate?

1-2 times a week.

12) Should I wear sun cream every day?

Always try to wear something with SPF even if it is a foundation.

13) How do I get rid of millia?

Exfoliate, keep a good skin routine and use a Darphin Oil at night to soften the millia.

14) How do I minimise aging?

Good skin care routine, wear SPF, eat antioxidant rich foods, stay out of the sun, and drink lots of water.

15) How do I get rid of acne?

See doctor, as it can be hormonal due to puberty, pregnancy or oral contraceptives. Each of these may require a medication. IPL to destroy P-Bacteria found at the base of hair follicle.

16) How do I avoid wrinkles?

You can’t, but you can manage them with anti-aging creams, SPF and taking care of your skin.

17) Should I pop whiteheads?

No, opening the area in this way leaves it prone to reinfection.

18) How do I get rid of blackheads?

Exfoliation, extraction.

19) How can I get smaller pores?

Often there is not much you can do as it can be genetic, but trying to achieve a balanced skin through a daily routine should really help. Dalphin ideal resource for uneven skin will improve appearance. CACI microdermabrasion to help smooth skin texture. IPL skin rejuvenation will help improve collagen and elastin production and therefore will reduce pore size.

20) Will I see immediate results from my facial?

Your skin will always be left feeling nourished and glowing but if you have a specific concern e.g. sensitivity, it will take regular facials to correct.