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Waxing FAQs

1) What is the difference between warm wax and hot wax?

Warm wax is applied then removed with a cotton strip and hot wax is applied, left to set then removed without a strip.

2) What wax is better if I have sensitive skin?

Hot wax is better for people with sensitive skin as it only attaches to the hair as we use an oil to create a barrier between the skin and the wax. Making it less abrasive on the skin.

3) Why would I choose hot wax over warm wax?

Hot wax is better with very short coarse hairs. Great on sensitive areas so ideal for intimate waxing and underarms, facial waxing. Warm wax is perfect for longer areas e.g. legs excellent for regular wax clients and fluffy soft hairs.

4) What is the difference in the wax, they are both hot?

When we say hot wax, we are talking about a slightly higher temperature, this wax is applied thicker, left to dry for a moment until it sets and removed. Warm wax is a slightly lower temperature, slightly stickier applied and then a paper or material strip is placed over the wax and removed.

5) Why do I get in growing hairs?

In growing hairs come as a result of the hairs growing back tapered and fine, this makes them difficult to push through the skin. Bikini and underarm are common areas as the hairs are curly or the area is pushed closely together e.g. underarms.

6) How long do the hairs need to be?

The hairs need to be at least 1/2cm, the hot wax is better for shorter hairs.

7) How long will I be hair free?

Regular wax clients find the hair growth becomes finer and less obvious and can last up to 4 weeks between appointments.

8) Will facial waxing make the hair grow more?

No, it will not stimulate hair growth and make the hairs stronger It will remove all the fluffy hairs as well as the stronger ones you may already have.

9) Why do I get spots after a lip wax?

Some people do have large hair follicles and are prone to get spots. We would recommend you avoid touching the area for 24-48 hours, apply after wax lotion which can be bought from us.

10) How long do I need to leave it before I have my waxing done again?

We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks until you need to return for the treatment again.
(Unless your hair grows at a quicker pace)

11) Can I have my legs waxed if I shaved them a week ago?

No, as the hairs wouldn’t be long enough.

12) My skin has come up in a red bumpy rash, what shall I do?

We recommend applying either; witch hazel, aloe Vera gel, our Australian body care tea tree after wax or if the symptoms get worse seeks medical attention.

13) Can I fake tan straight after having my legs and underarms waxed?

We don’t recommend to tan within the first 24 hours of a wax as your pores are still open from the removal of the hair so you may find the tan goes into the pores and appear with little brown spots.

14) How do I get rid of ingrown hairs?

We sell a product by Lycon called in grown X-IT which helps to prevent and help get rid of ingrown hairs. The ingredients in the product help exfoliate the skin around the follicle which will encourage the hair to release from under the skin.

If not we recommend to exfoliate the area a few days after waxing and then once a week to help prevent dry skin, which causes the hairs to grow underneath the skin.

15) Should I trim the hair before I have it waxed?

The longer the hair the better and if we feel it needs to be trimmed we shall do that, otherwise it could be trimmed too short then we will not be able to carry out the treatment.

16) Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?

No. Waxing pulls the hair from the follicle wearing the root. Resulting in weaker more sparse hair growth and easier to remove next time.

17) Does my medication affect any waxing?

It can depending on the medication as it can thin the skin so if you are worried please let you therapist know and we can adjust the treatment to you.

18) Can I shave between waxing treatments?

We do not recommend it as it will disrupt the hair growth cycle which will result in thicker and darker hair at your next appointment.

19) What is the difference between a Brazilian wax and a Hollywood wax?

A Brazilian is all hair removed except from a strip of your desired width in the middle and a Hollywood wax removes all hair.

20) How long does a Hollywood wax take?

Approximately between 20-45 minutes.

21) What is the aftercare after having any waxing?

We recommend within the first 24 hours to avoid any excess heat (I.e hot bath or shower) the gym, sun beds, tight clothing.

22) I’m pregnant, can I have a waxing treatment?


23) I’m going on holiday in a month, how many days before I go shall I have my wax?

We recommend at least 24-48 hours before you go.

24) My daughter is 12 wants to shave her legs, is she too young to have them waxed?

We do little ladies on a Monday 4pm until 7pm ages 10-17, if your daughter feels she is prepared for the waxing experience and you give parental permission then we are more than happy to go ahead with the treatment.

25) Can I wax during the time of the month?

Of course, however be aware that you can be more sensitive than usual and can experience slightly more discomfort.